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Professional Silk Rug Cleaning

Protecting Your Precious Rug with Special Expert Care

If you have pure silk rug DO NOT wash it yourself! Let professional rug dealers do the cleaning!

Silk rugs are made all over the world. Your silk rug may be from Qum (or Qom, in Central Iran), Turkey (also known as Kayseri or Kilims, depending on the region of Turkey), Persia, and Kashmir, among other places. Silk rug and carpet cleaning requires a lot of care, and should not be done at home. There are also fiber blend rugs, like wool and silk or cotton and silk. Handmade rugs like Persian and Oriental area rugs use silk to give them luster and shine. Along with wool rugs, silk rugs dominate the high end of the selling market. Oriental silk rugs are an investment, so getting the right cleaners is something you have to keep in mind.

You might want to note that silk rugs:

  • * Should not be used in high traffic areas
  • * Are easily stained
  • * Expensive

Because of the delicate nature of the silk, removing stains from silk rugs is difficult. But if you attack the stain as soon as it occurs, you may be able to reduce the damage. Having a blend of wool and silk rugs will help because wool repels most liquids.

Because the silk rugs are delicate and expensive, it is not recommended that these be used in higher traffic areas. Especially in the case of hand made silk carpets, the weave is thick, but you do not want to chance loosening any of the embroidery or patterns.

Leave your Silk Rug Cleaning to the experts! We know everything there is to know about silk rugs and can clean and restore all kinds of rugs!

We are the address for all of your rug cleaning needs.

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All-Carpets prides itself with a long and respected tradition in the field of rug cleaning & restoration and our experts are knowledgeable in the ways of silk rug cleaning. Our expertly trained technicians begin the cleaning process by identifying fibers and dyestuff so that they are sure that the cleaning method applied is the very best for your product.

Professional Silk Rug Cleaning in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Gold Coast, Hobart


Rug Cleaning & Care Tips

The best way to keep a rug clean is to keep it from getting dirty in the first place. (as people do in most rug-weaving countries) is a good idea if this accords with your lifestyle. Bare-foot or sock-foot traffic is much gentler to a rug than a hard outdoor-shoe sole (or spike heel), and leaving your outdoor shoes at the entrance to the house tracks in much less dirt.

Wool Rug CleaningA Rug can be a purchase for a lifetime and for generations if cared for properly. Although you do need to get your rugs professionally washed and cleaned from time to time, you can always take extra care of your rugs by following simple, basic tips on cleaning and protecting your rug:

  • Rotate your rug periodically for even wear.
  • Vacuum on a regular basis. Be careful of fringe and the height of the beater bar. Consider not using the beater bar.
  • Use a quality underlayer, pad or cushion to allow for cleaning and prevent slippage.
  • Have your rug cleaned only when it really needs cleaning.
  • Remove outdoor shoes when entering the house.

Rug CleaningRemember that regular vacuuming is necessary to keep your rugs in perfect conditions. Soil particle removal is essential as the sharp edges of dust particles have a very abrasive affect on the rug fibers.

We cover all suburbs

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I've been using All Carpets to steam clean my carpets and upholstery for the past 2 years, they never let me down once. They are very professional and well presented and I recommend them to everybody!

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Daniella Martin

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