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Extracting Dust Mites, Mould, Mildew, Pollen, Spores, Bacteria and Viruses!

We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, therefore mattresses can easily become a habitat for bacteria and dust mites. To best protect your family from asthma and other allergies, you should have your mattress cleaned twice a year.

Mattress cleaning is not something new, it has just simply become a forgotten task. Ever since man began sleeping on mattresses, around 8,000 years ago, mattress cleaning has been a necessity to remain in good health.

Without regular mattress cleaning, you are inviting into your living environment, a host of PERMANENT and LIFE-LONG adverse medical conditions, including asthma, bronchitis, respiratory infections, as well as other medical maladies including perennial rhinitis, eczema, dermatitis, sinusitis and more!

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Sick for no apparent reason?
Ever woken up with itchy red eyes, sinus pain, or sneezing?
Ever woken up with itchy red eyes, sinus pain, or sneezing?
These are all symptoms typical of a dust mite infestation!

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What are Dust Mites?

Dust MiteDust Mites are microscopic creatures invisible to the naked eye. They live and breed in your mattresses, blankets, pillows, sofas, and carpets. They thrive in warm moist conditions and can number in the millions.

We cover all Cairns suburbs

Here are the facts:

  • bacteriaWe humans shed thousands of skin cells every day, most of them in our mattresses.
  • Dust mites can feed for up to 170 days on this skin.
  • Dust mites produce 200 times their body weight in excrement during their lifetime.
  • Dust mites can live without food for one year.
  • A female dust mite can lay up to 300 eggs.
  • Dust mites leave behind their excrement which is the cause of many allergy-like symptoms.
  • Every home has dust mites and over 50% of all homes are INFESTED with dust mites!
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We cover all Cairns suburbs

What You Really Need Is:

A simple vacuuming will do nothing to get rid of these tiny pests. Hygiene and allergy problems can only be solved by eradicating the cause. Don't despair, All Carpets has developed a natural, organic, chemical-free process that effectively destroys dust mites, bacteria, spores, allergens, dust, and decaying skin cells.

We first loosen the particles of dirt, dust and excrement embedded within your mattress with high frequency waves. The waste is then removed with a special high powered vacuum specifically designed to trap 99.97% of everything it collects. The mattress is then sterilised with a chemical free disinfectant. This process kills all viruses, spores and bacteria within the mattress. Afterwards, we apply an all natural hygienic mattress spray which is anti-bacterial and an insect repellent.

When is the last time YOU had YOUR mattresses cleaned?

All Carpets provides commercial mattress cleaning and residential mattress cleaning, involving the removal of indoor allergens including dust mites, mould, mildew, pollen, spores, fungi, bacteria and viruses. No other service can offer the same level of cleanliness and hygiene we can. Call us NOW!!

Proffessional Mattress Cleaning Proffessional Mattress Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I vacuum my own mattress?

Most standard household vacuums are designed primarily for use on carpets and therefore the stiff bristles embedded in the rotating brush may cause serious damage to the mattress surface as well as other upholstered items. Traditional household or commercial vacuums do not have the extraction power to remove harmful debris such as highly resilient dust mites, bacteria, allergy triggering contaminants that are deeply embedded in the mattress. Also it is important to use a germ killing UV-C Germicidal lamp, it's the key to effective disinfection and sterilisation.
How long does it take to service the mattress?

The time taken to clean all depends upon the size of the mattress and how dirty or stained the mattress is. A king-sized mattress takes approximately 25-45 minutes and a queen-sized mattress takes around 20-40 minutes but this is rough estimate so you can get somewhat of an idea.
Will the process of sanitising a mattress or upholstered item be messy?

The cleaning process is completely green and environmentally friendly. There are no liquids or nasty chemicals used in the sanitation process and beds can be remade 3-6 hours after the service is completed. Since there are no chemicals or perfumes used, it is not necessary to air out the room. However it is recommended to do so to assist with the drying time of the mattress.
How do I know if my mattress is in need of sanitizing?

We can perform a 5-minute testing procedure that will clearly show the level of contamination present.
What do I have to do to prepare my mattress for cleaning and sanitizing?

Simply remove the linens and any mattress covers that may be present.
Can mattress cleaning and sanitising cure my allergies?

It will help to reduce the severity and frequency of allergy attacks however it doesn't offer any cure to pre-existing allergies, . Many of our customers have found that their particular allergy disappears altogether and the need for regular medication is eliminated. In the case of asthmatics, about 85% of sufferers are allergic to House Dust Mite droppings, so the chance of us helping an asthma sufferer is very high. We have received lots of positive feedback from asthma sufferers telling us that they are enjoying a better night's sleep and have become less dependent on their breathing aids when waking up in the morning.
How old does a mattress have to be before it is worth cleaning?

We have found that if a new mattress were used on a regular basis it would benefit from a cleaning and sanitising after as little as 6-months of use.
Can an old mattress be cleaned effectively?

Yes, most definitely! Our cleaning process is extremely effective and will make your old mattress clean and fresh again. Mattresses that are old will always have much higher levels of dust mites, dead skin, fungal spores, bacteria and germs so it is very important to have it cleaned for the sake of your health.
Do protective mattress covers work?

Whenever we have tested a mattress with a protective cover, the mattress usually always tests positive for contamination. If you already have one or you are intending to buy one, then only use it on a brand new mattress or a mattress that has just been cleaned and sterilised by us! If you don't, all you are doing is incubating the contaminants that are already present.
Is there such thing as dust mite season as there is with pollen or moulds? Is the summer time tougher on people with dust mite allergies because of high humidity?

The dust mite season is actually quite erratic. It may be higher in the summer in many climates because of the warmth and higher humidity. But people who are sensitive to dust mites often will have symptoms all year-round. And in the winter time, when people spend more time indoors and keep windows and doors closed, dust mite particles are often still in the house, and they still can be a problem.
Can exposure to dust mites actually cause sensitivity or is one just born allergic to dust mites?

The main area of concern is in very young children in environments where with high dust mite exposure or other types of allergens. There is evidence that if an infant or a young child grows up where there's a high exposure to sensitising substances, he or she will be more likely to develop allergy problems, asthma or both.
Does you mattress cleaning process eliminate bed bugs?

Our team is highly trained to eradicate bed bugs using our equipment and our specially developed, non-toxic procedure.
How often should I have my mattress de-toxed?

With our corrective care system you should de-tox your mattress at least once a year.
How long does it take to de-tox and protect a mattress?

With our corrective care system it takes approximately 30 minutes to de-tox and protect a mattress.
I vacuum my own mattress, does this help with keeping it dust mite free?

Vacuuming will reduce the levels of dust mites within your mattress, but this also has a negative effect on your mattress stripping the protective barrier that is applied within the mattress and on the cover by the manufactures affecting its ability to resist flames.
I have bought a new mattress and can smell odors, what is the reason for this and can it be clean?

The odor is the smell of a new mattress, which is a mixture of fabric, fillings, flame protection, wrapping and also the length of time in storage. Some people are more sensitive to this odor from a new mattress, but the odor should subside within a few weeks your new mattress will need airing not cleaning.
Does your cleaning process make a mattress look as good as new by removing all stains?

Old stains on a mattress are almost impossible to be removed from the fabric, due to age, body heat and also the nature of the stain, what our mattress cleaning system does is hygienically sanitise and neutralise all stains. Some stains will appear to be much lighter in appearance and will always be fresh smelling after our cleaning process is completed.
Mould has accumulated on my mattress what is the reason for this and can it be clean?

Usually if you have mould our advice is to replace your mattress. Black mould on a mattress is caused by body moisture, damp conditions and the lack of ventilation to the mattress. Once you have the problems of black mould stains on your mattress cover there will be high levels of mould and fungal spores within the fillings and can be very bad for your health.
What if I have embarrassing stains on our mattresses?

That's not unusual, and our cleaning process works just as well with a fitted sheet over the mattress.
Will my mattress be wet after cleaning? I'm susceptible to mould allergies and would not want mould or mildew to begin to grow.

Our cleaning process is steam cleaning and will leave your mattress a little wet for a few hours. The last step does include a very light mist of an all-natural dust mite inhibitor. The mist is so fine and light that the mattress surface is completely dry within 3-6 hours and ready for the bed to be made. Additionally, should any mould or mildew organisms remain after cleaning, the UV-C light used in the first step alters the DNA in all micro-organisms preventing them from propagating.
Does Mattress Cleaning Treat Dust-Mite Allergies?

Dust mites are microscopic arachnids that live in mattresses, pillows, rugs and curtains and feed on people's flaked-off dead skin. They aren't harmful in themselves, but according to research some 18% to 30% of Australians are allergic to the mites' waste products. Nearly half of homes have levels of allergen significant enough to trigger a sensitivity even in people who weren't previously allergic, he adds.
How do you know how to clean something that is not visible to the eye?

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that live and breed in your mattresses, blankets, pillows, sofas, and carpets. They thrive in warm, moist conditions and can number into the millions. Dust mites are invisible to the naked eye, but their effects can be seen everywhere.
I am sick for no apparent reason is it possible that it could it be cause by dust mites?

If you are feeling like you may be developed asthma, eczema, hay fever or bronchitis or been waking up with itchy red eyes, sinus pain, or sneezing these are all symptoms of dust mite infestation. Dust mites feed on the dead skin cells that human beings shed everyday, and leaving behind their excrement. It is common that you will develop many allergy-like symptoms if you mattress is infested.
What is the best way to protect my mattress?

Mattress should be regularly dusted and aired. Also there are tightly woven mattress protectors, which do not allow dust mites to penetrate from the body into the mattress. They are not completely effective, but they help if you place them over a new, or freshly professionally cleaned mattress.
How often should I have my mattress cleaned and how long does it last?

Once the mattress is cleaned the disinfection will last for up to 6 months.
What will be extracted from my mattress?

Our special machine that we use to clean your mattress is so powerful that it will suck all the dust, dust mites, spores, dead skin flakes out of your mattress.
Is the process noisy?

If you are not bothered by the sound of a working vacuum cleaner, you will also not mind the noise of our equipment.
Does the mattress age matter?

Researches have proved that a mattress, which is 6 months old, can contain as many dust mites and dust as a mattress that is 5 years old.
How do dust mites make me sick?

The droppings of these mites are the most common trigger of reoccurring allergy and asthma symptoms, especially in humid conditions where dust mites tend to thrive. Each mite produces approximately 20 fecal pellets each day, which means approximately 2000 during its lifetime. The dust mite can get nourishment from its own droppings and may eat them up to three times over.
Does the average mattress have dust mites in it?

Yes, the average mattress has over 2 million dust mites.
Does vacuuming remove dust mites?

At best, normal vacuuming removes only 5% to 10% of dust mite populations.
Can you come and clean my mattress the same day I make an appointment?

Yes we try out best to cater to all your needs, we will do out best to accommodate you desired time and day that you would like us to come.
How many people will be cleaning my mattress?

We have one professional cleaning member come and clean your mattress.
How will you charge me for cleaning my mattress?

We have a price list on our website so you can have a look at different services and different prices.
Can you clean more than one mattress in my home?

Yes we are used to cleaning multiple mattresses throughout your whole household. If you make an appointment with us to come and clean your mattress we recommend you have us clean all your mattresses in the house for most effective results.
When you come and clean my mattress what exactly does the procedure entail?

We first loosen particles of dirt, dust and excrement embedded within your mattress with high frequency waves. The waste is then removed with a special high-powered vacuum specifically designed to trap 99.97 percent of everything it collects. Then the mattress is then sterilised with a chemical free disinfectant. This process kills all viruses, spores and bacteria within the mattress. Afterward, we apply an all-natural, hygienic mattress spray, which is anti-bacterial and an insect repellent.
Can you clean commercial mattresses and residential mattresses?

Yes out company provides commercial mattress cleaning and residential mattress cleaning involving the removal of indoor allergens including dust mites, mould, mildew, pollen, spores, fungi, bacteria and viruses. No other service can offer the same level of cleanliness and hygiene we can!
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I've been using All Carpets to steam clean my carpets and upholstery for the past 2 years, they never let me down once. They are very professional and well presented and I recommend them to everybody!

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