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Carpet Steam Cleaning Tuggeranong - Canberra

Before repair the flooring using the best equipment in Tuggeranong

Nothing protects the carpets more than a professional cleaning by All Carpets! With us your carpet is cleaned in accordance to the industry standards. A healthy home or office starts from the ground up with a clean carpet! Our cleaning equipment combined with the unique cleaning process will ensure your carpets are cleaned thoroughly. Steam cleaning is suitable for all types of carpet, including Woven, Needle felt, Knotted, Tufted and flat-weave carpets. Steam is a naturally powerful cleaning force that leaves no toxic residue on surfaces, and does not discolour clothing. Even emitted at a low pressure, the heat of steam alone is able to rid your home of unseen allergens and bacteria as well as visible dirt and grease. Steam cleaners can be used virtually anywhere in your home or workplace, garden, car or caravan for a wide variety of tasks. Our operatives use steam cleaning mainly when carrying out end of tenancy cleaning services.

All Carpets superior steam carpet cleaning will return your carpets luxurious look and feel. Our steam cleaning equipment works much like a boiler, where the tank gets heated up to very high temperatures and the vapour or steam is allowed to escape through the powerful jets. The vapour sanitises and cleans the surface very quickly and very efficiently, leaving you with sparkling clean carpets!

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All Carpets in Tuggeranong employs experienced carpet cleaning specialists and offers the service most suited for your carpet as well as expert stain and odour removal treatment of such stains as:

Pet urine and odours, Rust, Ink, Gum, Tar, Oil, Grease, Red Wine Stains, Proteine, Caffeine and Tannin.

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Our steam vapour cleaners in Tuggeranong also combat the dirt you can't see, they destroy allergy-causing dust mites from your carpet surface and steam away salmonella and other types of bacteria. Our operatives use equipment manufactured by industry leaders, with a professional range of innovative steam cleaning machines and accessories that enable them to deal with a broad spectrum of steam cleaning chores.

Our Advice is: Use our carpet cleaning services instead. It will cost you less in the long run.

The Truth Is...Dirty Carpet Will Make You, Your Family, and Your Friends Sick!

Tuggeranong carpet surface after steam cleaning

Some common problems include:

  • Dust Mites
  • Spots
  • Pollen/Allergens
  • Worn, Soiled Traffic Areas
  • Animal Dander

Steps for Carpet Cleaning for heavily soiled carpet

  • Step 1. Vacuum Carpet
    Vacuum Carpet
    First stage is the pre-vacuum. A powerful vacuum cleaner is used to remove certain dry soil and dirt. Extra applies for carpet vacuum.
  • Step 2. Pre spray Carpet
    Vacuum Carpet
    We spray the entire carpet with a wool-safe cleaning solution (special detergent + hot water) specially formulated for your carpet fibres. We leave it on for 20 minutes to allow it to penetrate deep into your carpets fibres to kill germs and bacteria and loosen all grease / oil and general soiling that has attached itself to the carpet fibre.
  • Step 3. Rotary Scrubbing
    Rotary scrubber
    Rotary Scrubbing is a process of foaming detergent (shampoo) it suspends the soil when agitated with rotary type brush action, this is only needed for heavily soiled carpet.
  • Step 4. Stain Treatment
    Stain Treatment
    Treat marks and spots that may need specialist stain removal treatments.
  • Step 5. Hot water extraction
    Hot water detergent solution is used under pressure, dirt and soil is removed.
  • Step 6. Grooming carpet
    Hot water extraction
    Grooming is an important step that improves the appearance of your carpet.
Before and after repair, install and clean Tuggeranong carpet

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to "clean to the standards"?

There are certain industry standards to be lived up to for your satisfaction. Cleaning your carpet in accordance to these industry standards will help assure that you'll get a quality cleaning job. The carpet cleaning industry agreed upon a common set of standards for everyone to follow. It was agreed that each of these cleaning processes should include these common steps. 1. Pre-Vacuum 2. Pre-treat spots, stains and heavily soiled areas 3. Hot Water Extraction 4. A thorough rinse 5. Complete Drying within 24 hours
What causes dye bleeding?

There are a couple conditions that cause dye bleeding. One condition is caused by the dyes getting weakened overtime from, sunlight, fumes, common chemicals, pet residues just to name a few. Once the dyes are weakened, they may run or bleed during cleaning. The other is defective dye or dyeing method which is produced during manufacturing. To avoid these types of problems we will pre test your rug ahead of time to detect any potential problems.
What if there are hardwood floors underneath my carpeting?

This won't be a problem because the technology we use doesn't get the backing of your carpet wet. As a result there will never be any type of damage that occurs to the hardwood that is under it. We also offer a special hand cleaning process for your oriental rugs or other types of woven rugs.
How can wool be cleaned?

We have lots of experience with wool and know how it reacts to our cleaning methods .We use only specialised products when it comes to cleaning wool and we are also very careful when it comes to the drying process of your wool. Since we use both a low temperature and a low amount of pressure it is going to maintain its shape.
Is it possible to clean Haitian fabrics made from cotton?

We will be glad to take a look at it and then let you know what we recommend.
What can be done with materials including silk, micro fiber, and chintz?

We can do an excellent job for you each and every time! We are experts when it comes to cleaning these types of materials. These materials also dry within a 1 to 3 hour time frame.
Is it true that after your carpets are clean they are more likely to get dirty fast?

Your carpets will stay clean and residue free after we finish cleaning them for you. Many types of shampoos used on your carpets can leave behind a residue and as a result these chemicals end up attracting more dirt like a magnet. We are experts and know the right cleaning method to perform on your carpet to leave it at it's cleanest!
My carpet has bleached or faded spots, can you correct that?

If there is colour loss in the carpet, it may be able to be spot dyed or often times we can do a carpet repair for you by replacing that area of carpet with another piece of carpet that is clean.
Why is the fringe on my rug darkening and wearing so quickly?

Fringe on rugs is usually cotton which is prone to attracting dirt. Your carpets fringe may require special attention and treatment during cleaning because of cellulosic browning (a natural change overtime) It is possible for us to clean your fringe bur if it is too far gone you may need to get your carpet re-fringed. We will do our best to please you.
Is it common for the latex on the back of my rug to have areas of deterioration?

Latex starts to deteriorate as soon as you start to use your rug. The breakdown can be cause by many different things such as floor waxes, gasses in the air, sunlight or traffic. It is fairly common and there is not much that you can do to prevent the latex deteriorating.
Does your cleaning process soak the backing of the carpet?

Moisture does not penetrate the backing of the carpet although the process does rinse the carpet deep down. We use powerful equipment for the deepest clean possible so in the end your carpet is thoroughly rinsed, but left only damp to the touch.
Can you remove pet odors from my carpets?

We deal with removing pet odors all the time and realise it is a very common problem in most households. We deal with a lot of cases of pet odors that become much deeper then they initially appear. Pet urine can easily soak through the backing of your carpet and into the padding underneath. At times it can be even more severe when the urine penetrates into the sub-floor beneath the padding. We call this a multi-layered problem. Depending on how long the urine has been in your carpet sometimes it starts to grow bacteria worsening the odors and damaging your carpets colour and fiber. In these cases we do out best to neutralise and remove the urine from each effected layer. If it is too deep we may have to replace the carpet however we can not guarantee removal of the odors but we can do out best to fix your pet odors problem. It is very important that you don't leave your problem untreated because it can be harmful to your health.
How do I know if my carpet needs a professional clean?

Most carpet manufacturers suggest a professional clean at least one time per year. For the people that have larger families with children and pets your household has more traffic and would probably need a cleaning more often.
I want to purchase my first expensive rug. Is there anything I should know before making a choice?

Ask the seller if he/she can guarantee you that the carpet you purchase will not shrink during cleaning, that the colour is fast and will not run or fade and that the fibers are of the highest quality. Carpets manufactured from natural fibbers are usually more durable than synthetics.
I wish to lay down wall-to-wall carpets, but am afraid of high maintenance costs. Should this concern me?

It is important to protect your investment! Once you have decided to make the investment and install wall-to-wall carpeting, you should be prepared for professional cleaning services at least once a year. The cleaning will help preserve your carpet and is always a better idea for long term results.
I heard it's best to put off having your carpet cleaned for as long as possible, is this true?

The build up of soil in your carpet in combination with foot traffic creates abrasion that breaks down your carpets fibbers. The higher the traffic area the more often the carpet will need cleaning .Many major carpet manufacturers today recommend a professional cleaning at least once a year.
How much better can a professional clean my carpets than doing it myself?

We have the most important thing which is experience! Also the equipment being used and the type of chemicals being used are a huge factor when cleaning your carpets properly! Ultimately there is nothing on the consumer level that can give you the type of cleaning power you need.
What types of carpets do you steam clean ?

Steam cleaning is suitable for all types of carpet, including Woven, Needlefelt, Knotted, Tufted, and flatweave carpets.
Are carpet cleaning products harmful to my children or pets?

There are hazardous levels too all cleaning chemicals used from good to worse but there are also all natural chemicals that are being used. We use environmentally safe products and would love to tell you more about them so feel free to ask us!
What is the typical dry time after the carpets are clean?

Typically, if there is ventilation in the room or it is a warm day, anywhere from 3-6 hrs depending on what type of carpet and conditions. There are some systems that don't use steam cleaning and never get the carpets wet.
Will my carpet shrink?

No your carpet will not shrink. The process is very gentle and will never shrink or alter your carpet in any way ape or form.
Why is steam cleaning better than dry cleaning?

Steam Cleaning is a deep clean. Customer satisfaction levels are very high with our Steam Cleaning process. Steam Cleaning always ends up being the best clean. Dry Cleaning leaves chemicals on the carpet that may cause re-soiling and could void the manufacturer's warranty.
How often should carpets be professionally cleaned?

All residential carpets should be professionally cleaned a minimum of every 12 to 18 months AND as soon as possible after the carpet has been heavily soiled or stained. Prompt attention by a professional will provide the correct treatment and best results.
Will carpet cleaning destroy the stain-resist treatment?

No. It is not necessary to reapply the stain-resist treatment after every carpet cleaning service, depending on how frequently the carpet is cleaned.
Foot traffic can destroy some stain-resist treatments. Therefore, those treatments should be reapplied after every 2nd or 3rd carpet cleaning service. Carpet that is only cleaned each every 12 to 18 months may require treatment at that time.
Will hot water extraction (steam cleaning) damage my carpet?

No. Hot water extraction is the method preferred by many leading carpet manufacturers. It is considered by many to be the best method of removing embedded soil and other contaminants
Can the carpet be walked on right after it has been cleaned?

Yes. We use powerful equipment that extracts the majority of the water immediately from the carpet fibres. The surfaces below the fibres should not get damp. In most cases, the carpet should be completely dry within 2 to 6 hours (depending on the humidity and air flow).
Is it possible to clean carpets too often?

No. Frequent cleaning of the carpet will help keep maintain its original appearance.

It is recommended that high-traffic areas (doorways, hallways, etc) and areas of heavy-soiling (near kitchen, dining room, rumpus room, etc) are cleaned more frequently than the other areas.

Between professional carpet cleaning services remember to vacuum at least weekly with a good quality vacuum in proper working order. Allowing dry soils to accumulate in the carpet pile causes permanent fibre damage, resulting in a dirty and dull appearance.
Will cleaning remove dust mites?

Dust mites live on dead skin and require warm, damp conditions to survive. They are rarely found in dry carpet.
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We were moving out and needed our carpet steam cleaned professionally to get our bond back. Your company did a fantastic service for the best price and helped us get our bond back. Thanks for your great service!

Yours sincerely,

Mick Jarrar

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